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9 months ago

5 reasons why you should use an exercise band at home

Image shows a senior lady working out with an exercise band in a fitness class

Dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, sandbags, rebounders, swiss balls, foam rollers, pilates rings… There’s so much exercise equipment available these days.

And that’s without even going to a gym, with all the treadmills, spin bikes and weight machines.

You could buy a new piece of equipment every week (especially if you get drawn into the shopping channels), but will you ever use them?

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9 months ago

Hip Strength Exercise Video (with resistance band)

This exercise will strengthen the muscles on the outside of your hip. These are important muscles for walking, stair climbing, maintaining our balance and cushioning our hip bones. 

When you work the muscles around the hips, they place a load the bones. Over time (ie. we have to keep doing the exercises!), this will increase bone density and reduce your risk of a hip fracture. 

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9 months ago

Brain Boost Challenge Exercise (video)

One of the key principles of brain fitness is challenge.

You know that you have to make your muscles work if you want to get stronger. It's the same for your brain - you need to challenge it if you want to maintain your brain fitness.

These brain boosts are fun, challenging and take just a couple of minutes. 

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9 months ago

Pump up the volume: How to get better sound for your online exercise videos

volume knob to the maximum

When you are trying to follow online exercise videos at home, it's really frustrating if you can't hear the instructions clearly. 

You aren't sure what you are meant to do and end up with your legs and arms in the wrong place at the wrong time. You feel confused and embarrassed (even though no-one can see you!). All you want to do is to concentrate on the exercises without worrying about hearing the instructions...

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