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Do Not Disturb! How to stop interruptions from family when you exercise at home.

‘Sorry to interrupt you, but do you know where my keys/ golf clubs/ red socks are?’.

We’ve all been there. You finally get around to doing some exercises at home. You are a few minutes into your video, concentrating and starting to feel good. Then someone shouts up the stairs, or the door opens and someone pops their head round with a question for you.  

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a couple of months ago

Move More Easily (exercise video)

These low impact movements will leave you feeling well-oiled, full of energy and ready to get on with your day. 

This video will help you if you have stiff joints, arthritis or just find it hard to get moving in the morning. It's only 7 minutes long!

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a couple of months ago

Shoulder Mobility Exercises (home exercise video)

Stiff shoulders can be uncomfortable, affect your posture and cause neck and back pain.

The two exercises in this short video will increase range of motion in your shoulder joint and help you to move more easily. They will also loosen the muscles in your upper back and chest (which are important for good posture).  You can do them anywhere - and I promise you will feel great when you do! 

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