a few months ago

Backwards Tandem Walk (balance exercise video)

This is an interesting and challenging balance exercise. You can do it anywhere (as long as you have checked the floor is clear first). 


If you find this a bit challenging, or would like to build confidence going backwards (totally understandable, it does feel strange!), then try this video first: Walking Backwards.

When you do this, think about standing up tall, maintaining your posture and staying steady.

Although we are aiming for a tightrope walk, your feet don't need to touch. Leave a bit of space inbetween so you don't trip over your own toes...

Perform this walk next to a wall, table, kitchen worktop or just something you can hold onto if you feel unsteady.

I am doing this in socks as it's a good way for you to see exactly what my feet are doing. On some floor surfaces, socks can be slippery though. As a general rule, we suggest wearing soft-soled, securely-fitting shoes to exercise in. 

When you get to the end, stop and take your feet wide apart. Pause for a few seconds before taking a few steps to gradually turn around. Don't rush the turn or turn your head too fast, as this can throw your balance off. 

I hope you enjoy doing this exercise with me!

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