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Band Row For Back Strength (seated)

This exercise will strengthen the important muscles in your back.

Having strong back muscles will help you to feel stronger for everyday activities. You will also find yourself standing up taller with better posture. 


If you want to keep your bones strong, then you should be doing strength exercises like this. Over time, doing exercises that work the muscles in your back will help to maintain the bone mineral density in your spine. This helps to reduce the risk of fractures. 

In this video, I use an exercise band (these are sometimes called resistance or therapy bands).

If you haven't used bands before, you might want to read this article we wrote about using bands to exercise at home.

If you find this exercise too hard, use a lighter band or start with your hands closer to the ends of the band. If you want additional challenge, use a stronger band or start with your hands closer together. 

When you do this video:

  • Sit up tall and keep your back straight (even as you reach forwards)
  • Keep your elbows in as you pull back
  • Keep your shoulders down from your ears (don't let them hunch up as you pull back)
  • Breathe regularly (as always!)

If you would like to try a different version of this exercise, take a look at this one. It's done in standing and is a great alternative, although slightly more challenging. If you feel at all unsteady doing the standing version, please stick to the seated one:

Band Row for Back Strength (standing)