a few months ago

Brain Boost: Number Challenge

Our Brain Boosts are fun and challenging. They get your brain working, helping it to become more flexible and versatile. 


Think you aren't good with numbers? Keep reading... 

If you find this challenging, please don't tell yourself that you can't do numbers, or take it as a sign that your brain isn't up to much. Instead, reframe this feeling of challenge to tell yourself that it means you are working your brain at the right level. Compare it to doing physical exercise - if you feel your muscles working a bit, it means you are working them, and it's the same here. 

So, enjoy the challenge!

However, if you want to make it harder (anyone?), try walking on the spot, toe tapping or standing on one leg while you do the brain boost!

Make sure to stand near a support though, in case you feel unsteady. 

Variety is a key component of brain fitness exercises. If we just do one thing, whether that's doing the crossword, playing bridge or doing sudoku, our brain will get stronger at doing that activity. But, the more we ask it do different activities, the more flexible and versatile it will become. 

Have fun and enjoy boosting your brain fitness!