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Brain Boost – Opposing Arm Challenge (video)

Our Brain Boosts are fun and challenging. They get your brain working, helping it to become more flexible and versatile. 


What else can you do to challenge your brain everyday?

Novelty is a key principle of brain fitness.  When we are doing the same things all the time, we start to operate on autopilot. Our brains don't really have to wake up or pay so much attention. 

However, when we do something new, our brains have to work that little bit harder to be alert and cope with the new inputs. 

We don't have to start learning Japanese or totally overhaul our lives though. Small, everyday novelties all add up to keeping our brains sharp. For example, you could...

  • Talk to new people
  • Read a different newspaper/ Watch a different TV news programme
  • Eat foods you wouldn't normally eat, try new foods, eat foods at the 'wrong' time of the day
  • Take a new route home from somewhere you go regularly
  • Learn something new (eg. a new recipe, craft or computing skill)
  • Do the crossword if you normally do the Sudoku (or vice versa), read a murder-mystery if you normally read autobiographies

The opportunities are endless, and I promise you will feel more alert by just adding a bit more novelty into your day!

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    Written by Claudine Aherne - Specialist Exercise Instructor, Vida Wellness