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3 weeks ago

I am having trouble with my balance. Do I need to go and see my doctor?

Geoff was anxious as he had been having trouble with his balance for some weeks (probably several months, once he stopped to think about it). He felt unsteady on the stairs and was even sometimes wobbling when he was standing still, which he hadn’t experienced before.

While this was concerning to Geoff, he wasn’t sure that it warranted a doctor’s appointment. He thought the symptoms would probably pass in another week or two. In the meantime, he didn’t want to waste his doctor’s time.

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4 weeks ago

Can I improve my balance at the gym?

I get asked this question all the time. People who want to maintain their balance know that doing regular exercise will help them to feel stronger and steadier on their feet. They are thinking about going to the gym but aren’t sure if it’s right for them. 

Often their children and grandchildren are regular (fanatical even?) gym-goers. They want to understand if they could also benefit from going to the gym.

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last month

Can I improve my balance in an exercise class?

Mark was nervous about when and where to start exercising. He knew he had to do something to improve his balance and feel stronger. However, he had not exercised regularly for years, and he hadn’t ever done balance exercises.

He was wondering whether to join an exercise class and asked me if classes were a good idea for someone like him. He knew that the right class could help him get fitter, but he was most concerned about his balance. Could he improve his balance in a group exercise class?

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a couple of months ago

Could your medications be affecting your balance?

Mary’s sudden episodes of dizziness were disconcerting. They had only started a few weeks before, but she had nearly taken a tumble a couple of times.

She was used to just getting on with things and didn’t like to think about falling and breaking any bones. Nevertheless, she was more careful than usual when she was out.

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10 months ago

How to get down to the floor to play with your grandchildren – without worrying about how you will get back up afterwards

‘It’s a busy life we grandparents lead!’, one of our members told me recently. She was rushing from providing emotional support to a heartbroken teenage granddaughter to look after an active 3-year-old grandson while his mother was travelling for work. It was obvious how much she loved playing such a big part in her grandchildren’s lives and helping her children.

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11 months ago

How you can feel confident exercising at the right level for you (hard enough to benefit, without overdoing it)

Lady swinging kettlebell

You want to stay active for longer. You know that exercising will help you to keep fit and remain healthy. However, it can be difficult to know what to do and how hard you should be working.

You may have some aches and pains, perhaps some health challenges (arthritis, high blood pressure) or have had a recent procedure (a new hip or knee). You know you need to do something, but you don’t want to do anything that will cause damage or injury.

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