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last week

Shoulder Mobility Exercises (home exercise video)

Stiff shoulders can be uncomfortable, affect your posture and cause neck and back pain.

The two exercises in this short video will increase range of motion in your shoulder joint and help you to move more easily. They will also loosen the muscles in your upper back and chest (which are important for good posture).  You can do them anywhere - and I promise you will feel great when you do! 

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a couple of weeks ago

Hip Strength Exercise Video (with resistance band)

This exercise will strengthen the muscles on the outside of your hip. These are important muscles for walking, stair climbing, maintaining our balance and cushioning our hip bones. 

When you work the muscles around the hips, they place a load the bones. Over time (ie. we have to keep doing the exercises!), this will increase bone density and reduce your risk of a hip fracture. 

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3 weeks ago

Brain Boost Challenge Exercise (video)

One of the key principles of brain fitness is challenge.

You know that you have to make your muscles work if you want to get stronger. It's the same for your brain - you need to challenge it if you want to maintain your brain fitness.

These brain boosts are fun, challenging and take just a couple of minutes. 

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last month

Heel Walk Video (balance & ankle exercise)

Heel walk video

The Heel Walk is a great exercise if you want to feel steadier on your feet. It will strengthen the muscles at the front of your ankles. These are really important for walking well and avoiding trips and falls. 

This video is less than 2 minutes long... Just watch to start with, then have a go if you think it would work for you. 

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a couple of months ago

Tandem Stand Video (balance exercise)

The Tandem Stand is a great balance exercise. We do this all the time in our classes and it's really popular.

This video is only 3 minutes long so perfect whilst your bath is running or your coffee is brewing... Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

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a few months ago

Better Balance (Level 2 Challenge) home exercise video

Having good balance means you feel more confident. You can get out and do the things you want to do. You are less likely to trip or fall, and more likely to stay active and fit. 

This Level 2 Challenge home exercise video only takes 9 minutes. The exercises will help you to improve your balance and feel steadier on your feet. 

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a few months ago

How to practice getting down to and back up from the floor

You may feel ungainly or unsteady when getting up and down from the floor. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to do so safely or are worried about getting back up again afterwards. You want to feel supple enough to get down to reach a plug or feed the cat, and then strong enough to get back up safely.

Many people find it helpful to learn a simple technique for getting up and down from the floor. This ensures you remain safe and steady on the way down and up. In the instructions and videos below, I will take you through this simple process which will help you to feel stronger and more confident.

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