Strong Foundations Exercise Classes

A Vida Wellness class in action

Would you like to:

  • Strengthen the muscles you use in everyday activities?
  • Feel less stiff and move more easily?
  • Improve your posture and balance?
  • Have more energy?
  • Exercise in a supportive and friendly group?
  • Work at just the right level for you?
  • Be guided by an enthusiastic and experienced instructor?


  • Feeling intimidated, surrounded by younger, fitter exercisers
  • Loud music
  • Any pressure to compete
  • Feeling lost in a large group
  • Being pushed too far by an instructor who doesn’t understand your needs

The Strong Foundations classes are here to improve your overall fitness, enabling you to live your life to the full. *As featured on BBC Radio 4* (click here to listen)

Class Details

Click on venue names for address, directions and transport information.

Autumn 2018: 3rd September – 14th December (half term 22nd - 26th October) 

Mondays: 11.30-12.30; 12.45-1.45 – Garden Hall, St Mary’s, Wimbledon Village

Thursdays: 12.45-1.45 – Barnes Methodist Church Hall, Barnes

Fridays: 11am-12noon – Barn Elms Sports Trust, Barnes

Payments: £15/class 

Contact us now to book your free taster session (limited availability – please book in advance).

Do you want to keep moving and stay active?

Would you like more energy to live your life to the full?

Do you want to strengthen your muscles and feel steadier?

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