3 years ago

Exercises for stiff hands, fingers and wrists (video)

Do the joints in your hands and fingers feel stiff or sore? Do you have less mobility in your hands or find it harder to move your hands and fingers? 

These exercises will help reduce stiffness and get your hands moving. You don't need any equipment and can do them anywhere... 


Whether the stiffness in your hands is caused by arthritis or another condition, keeping them moving will help the joints to remain healthy. You should feel less pain and find it easier to do fiddly tasks perform tasks such as doing up buttons and opening tight jars. 

Anne loves doing these because: '...you can do them in bed before you even raise your head!!  I do it before tennis too and find it helps with my grip.'

Start gently and only move within what we call 'a pain-free range of motion'. This means that these sorts of exercises definitely shouldn't hurt. A bit of crunching or creaking is fine, but stretching and mobility exercises should never hurt. 

As you repeat the exercise and warm the joints up, you will find it easier to do the movements. You can do these regularly as a preventive measure or just when you are feeling a bit stiff and want to loosen your hands and fingers up. 

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    Written by Claudine Aherne - Specialist Exercise Instructor, Vida Wellness