a couple of years ago

Exercises for Strong & Stable Ankles

This short video includes two great exercises to strengthen your ankles and improve your balance. 

In this short video (under 5 minutes!) I talk you through the exercises, give you technique pointers and we do the exercise together.


In the first exercise, you want to feel like you are powering up but make sure to lower your heels slowly and with control. 

Be careful not to let your ankles roll out - keep your weight over your big toe and second toe. 

In the second exercise, it's very tempting to push your hips back, but it's not at all helpful... Try to keep your hips pushed forwards and your bottom tucked in. This will ensure you are working the small and important muscles on the top of the feet and front of the ankles. 

Remember, you shouldn't feel any pain when you do these exercises. But you might feel your muscles working, which is a good sign!

Ease off a bit if you do feel any pain or discomfort. 

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