Grandparents’ Stories: Fitness, Fun and Family

Do you love the laughter and endless curiosity of your grandchildren? 

Are they the light of your life, but does their boundless energy wear you out? 

Do you find keeping up with them a real challenge? 

If so, the stories we're going to share here will resonate with and inspire you. 

Meet Joan, Angela and Susan

Read on to find out how these three inspiring women improved their health and fitness and, in the process, gained the confidence to fully enjoy the precious moments with their grandchildren.

Joan Finds Renewed Energy and Connection

Joan, at 67, felt her energy waning, especially when it came to keeping up with her lively grandchildren. Arthritis and a general sense of fatigue had become her constant companions, making her more of an observer than a participant in family activities. But everything changed when she started an exercise programme focusing on strength, balance, and flexibility.

“I used to watch my grandkids play from a distance, wishing I could join them,” Joan shares. “After following the exercise programme, not only has my arthritis pain lessened, but I’ve also found this incredible burst of energy. Now, I’m the one initiating games in the park and walking them home from school. The joy in their eyes when we play together is my greatest reward.”

Angela Embraces Playtime with Confidence

Angela, 81, loved her role as a grandmother but found getting down on the floor to play with them challenging. However, her journey took a positive turn with a tailored exercise program (including strength and mobility exercises).

“The transformation has been remarkable,” Angela reflects. “I used to be nervous about playing on the floor with my grandkids, fearing I couldn’t get back up. Now, I’m down there building forts and playing with blocks, laughing alongside them. It’s not just about being physically able; it’s about the confidence that I can be an active part of their lives.”

Susan Rediscovers Joy in Everyday Moments

At 75, Susan found that her balance issues and reduced fitness were limiting her ability to fully engage in caring for her grandchildren. Bath times, carrying them, and even simple walks had become challenging. However, a dedicated exercise regimen, including targeted balance training, brought a significant shift.

“Before, I was always cautious, afraid of losing my balance or not being strong enough to care for them properly,” Susan explains. “Now, I feel rejuvenated. Bath times are full of giggles, and I can carry them around the house without a second thought. It’s about being present in these special moments, feeling confident and capable.”

Fitness for Moments and Memories

These stories illustrate that it's never too late to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle. They show us how focusing on our fitness can not only rejuvenate our bodies, but also renew and deepen our connections with our grandchildren.

Getting fitter doesn't just improve our heart, lungs, muscles and joints, it gives us so much more. When we're fitter and stronger and have more energy, we get to enjoy more special moments and build precious memories with our youngest family members. We get to join in with the giggles at bathtime, the teddy bear's picnic on the floor and the fun in the park. 

How about you?

Would you like to join in with more games in the park, build with blocks and play with the doll's house on the floor, or enjoy the soapy fun of bathtime with your grandchildren?

Our Fit for Grandchildren videos can help you!

Here's a taster video we made so you can try some of our Fit for Grandchildren exercises:

All material in this article and video is provided for information and educational purposes only. It is not advice and should not be relied on as such. Always consult an exercise or health professional if you have any health issues and need personalised advice. With this in mind, we hope you enjoy reading our articles and watching our videos.

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