a couple of years ago

Heel Raise (two up, one down)

This exercise is a variation on the Heel Raise that we often do. It will help to strengthen your ankles. 

Having strong, stable ankles is crucial for good balance and will help you to feel steadier on your feet. 


As this exercise challenges your balance, please stand in front of a support (eg. chair or kitchen worktop). You might not need it, but it's good to have something to hold onto in case you feel unsteady. 

Start by standing up tall and try not to lean forwards or backwards. 

When you do this video:

  • Make sure your ankles don't roll out when you push up
  • Keep your weight on your big toe and first toe 
  • Lower down slowly and in a controlled manner
  • Don't hold your breath - keep breathing regularly

If you find this too challenging (it's not an easy version), then keep both feet on the floor throughout. Or try this video: 

Heel Raise ankle strength exercise (Quick win video)

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