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Heel Raise Video – Ankle Strength & Balance Exercise

The Heel Raise is a great exercise to stabilise your ankles and improve your balance. 

In this short video (only 2 minutes!) I talk you through the heel raise, give you technique pointers and we do the exercise together.


You want to feel like you are powering up but make sure to lower your heels slowly and with control. 

The biggest mistake people make when doing this exercise is to roll their ankles out. If you do this, you won't get the full benefit of the exercise (plus you are more likely to injure yourself). Keep your weight over your big toe and second toe to avoid this. 

Remember to start gently and only move within what we call 'a pain-free range of motion'. This means that these sorts of exercises definitely shouldn't hurt. You might feel some fatigue in your calf muscles, and some wobbling in your ankles (as you try to keep steady). But you shouldn't feel any pain in your joints. Ease off a bit if you do feel any pain or discomfort. 

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I hope you enjoy this exercise! Please let me know how you get on by posting in the comments below.

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Written by Claudine Aherne - Specialist Exercise Instructor, Vida Wellness