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Hip mobility exercise (exercise video)

This gentle exercise will lubricate your hip joint, reducing stiffness and  allowing you to move more easily.

Keeping your hip joint healthy and moving well will help you to feel stable and confident on your feet. It may also reduce pain and discomfort in your hip joint. 


If you have arthritis in your hip, then moving more rather than less could help to reduce stiffness and discomfort.

When we have painful joints (eg. from arthritis) it can be really easy to slow down and move less.

In fact, the right sort of movement will help keep your joints healthy. When you move a joint (comfortably, within a pain-free range of motion), it is lubricated and becomes healthier. You are literally oiling your joints when you move them. 

Sometimes, when we think about exercise, it's about something very vigorous and high-intensity. There is a time and place for that, but it's not what we are talking about here. 

To promote healthy joints, we need to move regularly, through a pain-free range of motion. It might feel slightly uncomfortable, especially at the beginning when you aren't warmed up. But it shouldn't hurt at all. Do ease off if you experience acute pain when doing this movement. 

We need healthy, stable hip joints in order to be strong and maintain our balance. So, try this exercise with me now!

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How do you feel after doing this exercise, and how do you hope it will help you?

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    Written by Claudine Aherne - Specialist Exercise Instructor, Vida Wellness