I am having trouble with my balance. Do I need to go and see my doctor?

Have you noticed changes in your balance recently?

Are you wondering whether these changes are normal or a sign of something that should be investigated?

Have you considered seeing your doctor but worried you might be wasting their time?

We often hear from people who have concerns about their balance but aren't sure whether these warrant a visit to the doctor. 

Although we can't offer medical advice, we have some guidance for you if you are also asking these questions. 

Why Many People Hesitate to Consult Their Doctor

“My doctor is too busy.”

Doctors may be swamped, but they're keen to prevent serious issues like falls and broken bones. Your concerns are valid and worth discussing.

“Isn’t it normal to lose balance as you age?”

It is more likely that your balance will decline as you get older. But it's not inevitable. And the changes may be reversible. 

Your balance problems could be due to a medical issue that can be solved, rather than just because of your age. 

Any sudden change in your balance warrants medical attention.

“It only happens occasionally.”

Whether your balance issues are frequent but mild or rare but severe, it's worth telling someone about them. 

Keep a record of when and where you have trouble with your balance. This information will assist your doctor in their assessment.

“It’s not a problem if I don’t [go there/ do that].”

I often hear people saying they're OK as long as they avoid certain places or activities. These might be art galleries where you need to stand without support, or train stations where the steps and stairs are a problem. 

It's not OK though. Balance problems shouldn't limit your activities or stop you going to places you would otherwise go. 

If you find yourself avoiding places or activities due to balance concerns, it's time to act. Share the full impact of these issues with your doctor so they can guide you effectively.

Signs It's Time to See a Medical Professional

If you experience any of the following, we suggest you consult your doctor:

  • Sensations of light-headedness, blurred vision or muscular weakness
  • Feel like you might faint or do faint
  • Have new or more pronounced sensations of dizziness
  • Have recently started feeling unsteady when walking or going up and down stairs
  • Find yourself avoiding activities due to balance concerns or fear of falling
  • Have had more than one trip or fall where you ended up on the ground

This is not an exhaustive list; trust your instincts. 

What To Do If You've Already Taken a Tumble

It's always advisable to let your doctor know if you have a trip of fall where you end up on the ground.

If you have bruising or pain after a fall, visit your doctor. 

Even if you feel physically fine (we know that falling can be very upsetting though), let someone know. Further investigation may prevent future incidents. 

Why Addressing Balance Matters

Balance is key to an active, fulfilling and connected life. 

If you have any concerns, consult your doctor. It could be the first step to regaining your confidence and ensuring you can continue to do all the things that matter to you, whether that means travelling, gardening or caring for grandchildren. 

Introducing Exercises to Improve Your Balance

The evidence tells us that doing regular strength and balance exercises can help us to improve our balance.

If you want to feel more confident and steadier on your feet, whether that's for travelling, gardening or caring for grandchildren, we can help you! 

Have you heard about the Studio from Vida Wellness?

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We've put our best advice for getting started on balance training into the new Balance Blueprint

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