a couple of years ago

Move More Easily: Back, Neck and Posture

The Back, Neck & Posture videos include Move More Easily exercises which are chosen to help mobilise your spine, relieve tension in your neck and shoulders and improve your posture. 


These are great to do at any time of day, but will be particularly helpful after you have been sitting down for while.

Try them if you have been using your computer or tablet for too long, doing crafts or reading in a position that leaves your back and neck stiff or painful. 

I love doing these exercises and I hope you will too! 

For healthy, pain-free joints, we need to keep moving. The more we move our joints, the healthier they are and the more comfortably we can move them.

With the Move More Easily videos, you shouldn't feel any pain. Just move as much as you can within a pain-free range of motion. That means if you are doing an exercise and it hurts, try doing a smaller version of the movement. Ease off or stop if you feel any pain in your joints.

Get all 3 videos in the Move More Easily: Back, Neck and Posture' series

This is the first video in a 3-part series of Move More Easily: Back Neck and Posture videos. The other videos in the series can be found in the online Video Library which is available to members of the Vida Wellness Studio.