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One Leg Stand (balance exercise video)

The one leg stand is a great balance exercise. It's fun, simple and there are endless variations to make it more interesting, fun and challenging. 

Follow along with this short (3-minute) video now!


When doing your one leg stand:

  • Stand up tall (imagine there is a string pulling you up through the top of your head)
  • Keep your body in alignment when you transfer your weight onto one leg (don’t let your hips or upper body shift sideways)
  • Do this exercise next to something you can hold onto for support
  • Keep your foot firmly planted on the floor 
  • A bit of wobbling is normal - it's all your small, stabilising muscles firing up and working hard. But if you feel too unsteady, please stop and try a different exercise

If you want more ideas on how to add challenge and interest to your one leg stand, take a look at this article: 

Vida Wellness article: Standing on one leg to improve your balance? 3 ways to get more from your balance exercises.

More videos coming soon, with other variations and progressions for the one leg stand! 

Why do you want to improve your balance? What difference do you think it would make to your life if you had better balance? 

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    Written by Claudine Aherne - Specialist Exercise Instructor, Vida Wellness

  • Michelle says:

    What a great suggestion to get more exercise and balance work into our day. I will definitely set this as a goal. I think this one legged stand will also, over time, strengthen my thighs because I could feel them working! And thanks for the tips in the article. I’ll sing my favorite songs while doing this! 🙂

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