8 months ago

Seated Trunk Twist – spinal mobility stretch (exercise video)

This simple exercise will mobilise your middle and upper back. It's great as a warm-up exercise, whether before doing other exercises, or just when getting ready for your day. 


Keeping your back mobile is important to ensure you can move well, whether during daily activities or when you are exercising. It will also reduce your risk of back pain or injury. If your back is stiff or doesn't move as well as it could, you can end up with pulled muscles or injuries elsewhere as you try to compensate for this lack of mobility. 

This exercise will help you in any activity that involves twisting through your spine and looking over your shoulder. It's particularly helpful for driving, when you need to look over your shoulder to check for other vehicles or to park your car. 

Pull up a chair and try this exercise with me now!

(If there's no chair, you can do it standing, just try to keep your hips facing forwards and only move from above the hips). 

When you do this video, think about:

  • Sitting up tall in your chair, and staying as tall as you can throughout the exercise
  • Breathe in before, then breathe out as you twist
  • Keeping your shoulders down, away from your ears
  • Keeping your hips firmly on the chair
  • Moving gently, within a pain-free range of motion

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Written by Claudine Aherne - Specialist Exercise Instructor, Vida Wellness