a couple of years ago

Shoulders Shrugs (relieve stiffness and tension)

Do you have stiff, tense shoulders?

Join me now for this super-short video which will help to relax tight shoulders.


Great as a quick warm-up in the morning or after you have been sitting still for too long (especially if you have been hunched over your tablet or computer for a while).

Keep the following in mind when you do this movement:

  • None of the exercises should hurt. If they do, ease off, perform a smaller movement or check your technique.
  • Move within a comfortable range of motion. What this means for you may change from day to day, so just see how you feel each time you do the movements. 
  • You may feel some gentle crunching or hear some clicking in your joints as you do the movements. As long as you don't experience any pain, that's usually fine.