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Shoulder Snake

Do you have stiff, tense shoulders? Are the muscles in your upper back or neck tight?

Join me now for this super-short video which will mobilise your upper back and relieve tight shoulders.


This is one of my favourite Move More Easily exercises! It's great to get you moving in the morning or as part of a warm-up before another activity. 

I often do the Shoulder Snake after I've been sitting still for too long. Give it a try if you've been hunched over your tablet or computer for a while.

Relieving stiffness in your upper back and shoulders will help you to stand up tall and straight.

Maintaining your posture is important as it helps you to have better balance (poor posture means your centre of gravity is out of position, which affects your balance and increases your likelihood of falling).  

If you have neck or lower back discomfort, this may also help (sometimes problems in these areas result from stiffness in the upper back).

I hope you enjoy doing the Shoulder Snake with me! I think you'll find yourself doing it often... 

Keep the following in mind when you do this movement:

  • It shouldn't hurt when you do this exercise. If it does, ease off, perform a smaller movement or check your technique.
  • Move within a comfortable range of motion. What this means for you may change from day to day, so just see how you feel each time you do the movements. 
  • You may feel some gentle crunching or hear some clicking in your joints as you do the movements. As long as you don't experience any pain, that's usually fine.