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Strong Foundations Full-Length (home exercise video)

Here's another low-impact video for you! This is the one that our Strong Foundations class members use when they can't make a class. 

You will strengthen the muscles you use in everyday activities, improve your posture and feel more flexible.


This 35-minute routine includes a full mobility warm-up, strengthening exercises (for upper and lower body) and finishes off with stretching.

The exercises are challenging without being too demanding. Your experienced instructor will help you to work at the right level for you.

"The videos support home exercise because you appear to be working with another person who is encouraging you. This is especially important for those of us who live alone." - Sue N, 72 (Edinburgh)

We have written a PDF guide to accompany our home exercise videos. Our free guide - Safe and Successful Home Exercise with Vida Wellness - answers all the questions we get asked about using the videos at home and will help you to make the most of the videos.

You will need an exercise band for this video. See the free PDF guide for more information on using exercise bands (including which ones we recommend and how to look after your bands).

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All material in this article and video is provided for information and educational purposes only. It is not advice and should not be relied on as such. Always consult an exercise or health professional if you have any health issues and need personalised advice. With this in mind, we hope you enjoy reading our articles and watching our videos.


Written by Claudine Aherne - Specialist Exercise Instructor, Vida Wellness