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Strong & Steady on the Stairs: Quick Win (video 2)

This Quick Win exercise is from our Strong & Steady on the Stairs video series. 

These exercises are designed to help you feel more confident on the stairs, as well as stepping off kerbs (especially when there's nothing to hold onto).


These exercises challenge your balance, stability and strength. 

You may find these exercises hard. We need to push ourselves in order to be strong enough for the stairs. However, make sure to start gently and build up gradually.

As with all our videos, nothing is meant to hurt. If an exercise feels uncomfortable, ease off, check your technique and try again. 

Make sure to listen carefully to the instructions, especially where I talk about posture and alignment (keeping your knee and hip in line with your ankle). This will help to ensure you perform the exercises with good technique and avoid injury. 

Stand near to something you can hold onto in case you feel unsteady while doing these exercises. 

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This Quick Win exercise is one of the exercises in the 4-part Strong & Steady on the Stairs video series. 

These longer videos can be found in the online Video Library which is available to members of the Vida Wellness Studio.