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Supple Shoulders (three quick exercises to relieve stiffness and tension)

Join me now for this short video - with 3 quick exercises to get your shoulders and upper back moving. 

Great as a quick warm-up in the morning or after you have been sitting still for too long. This video will help to relieve stiffness and tension in the shoulders . You will feel more flexible and energetic after doing these exercises! 


Keep the following in mind when you do this Supple Shoulders video:

  • None of the exercises should hurt. If they do, ease off, perform a smaller movement or check your technique.
  • Move within a comfortable range of motion. What this means for you may change from day to day, so just see how you feel each time you do the movements. 
  • You may feel some gentle crunching or hear some clicking in your joints as you do the movements. As long as you don't experience any pain, that's usually fine. 


    Written by Claudine Aherne - Specialist Exercise Instructor, Vida Wellness