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a couple of years ago

Band Row For Back Strength (seated)

This exercise will strengthen the important muscles in your back.

Having strong back muscles will help you to feel stronger for everyday activities. You will also find yourself standing up taller with better posture. 

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a couple of years ago

Shoulder mobilisers (exercise video)

These exercises will relieve stiffness in your shoulders. Done regularly, you will notice your posture improving and a reduction in neck and upper back pain. 

This video takes less than 2 minutes. You will feel both energised and relaxed after doing these exercises! 

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3 years ago

Shoulder Mobility Exercises (home exercise video)

Stiff shoulders can be uncomfortable, affect your posture and cause neck and back pain.

The two exercises in this short video will increase range of motion in your shoulder joint and help you to move more easily. They will also loosen the muscles in your upper back and chest (which are important for good posture).  You can do them anywhere - and I promise you will feel great when you do! 

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