a couple of years ago

Exercises for Stiff Wrists (video)

This video is for you if you have stiff or painful wrists. These exercises will mobilise your wrists and stretch the muscles in your forearms. 


The first exercise is a range-of-motion exercise for your wrists. This is great to improve mobility, reduce joint stiffness and pain (eg. from arthritis).

Remember that range-of-motion exercises shouldn't ever hurt. You might feel some cracking and crunching but you shouldn't feel any pain. Start gently and just do what feels comfortable. You will find that the more you do these exercises, the more you can do.  

The second exercise will stretch out the muscles in your forearms. Tight muscles here can affect your wrists, so we need to keep them supple. Aim for a gentle stretching sensation and change the angle of the stretch if it feels uncomfortable. 

These exercises are great at any time of day, especially to relieve pain. You can try doing them as a warm up before another activity or to get things moving anytime your wrists feel stiff. 

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    Written by Claudine Aherne - Specialist Exercise Instructor, Vida Wellness