a couple of years ago

Wake Up, Warm Up! – Quick Win 1 (exercise video)

If you want to feel more alert, energised and ready to go, do this exercise with me now! 


The Wake Up, Warm Up exercises get your brain and body moving and working at the same time.

You will get your blood flowing, increase your circulation and get your joints warmed up. You will also wake your brain up! You will feel more alert and mentally switched on. 


  • Start gently, with smaller movements, and build up the size and speed of your movements as you warm up. Work at your own pace at all times.
  • When you do these exercises you should feel your muscles working, but it shouldn't hurt. If they do, ease off and check your technique. 
  • Stand near a chair (or other support) in case you feel unsteady
  • It's going to be a bit hard! Don't give up if you make a mistake, just laugh it off and try again... 

Longer Wake Up, Warm Up videos are now available in the Studio

If you enjoyed doing this short video, you will love the longer Wake Up, Warm Up videos, which are exclusive to members of the Vida Wellness Studio


    Written by Claudine Aherne - Specialist Exercise Instructor, Vida Wellness